First ever blog!

First ever blog!

We are going to start blogging and keeping everyone updated with BuySomethingRandom. WHY? So we can keep you updated and entertained with BSR. And of course, we will get you some good deals with the site. 

We will be releasing weekly news of what is new with BSR, New items and unboxing videos and releasing coupons that you can only get in the blogs. Obviously, we will also make it as entertaining as possible because we don't to bore you. That is not what we are about. 


Weekly news?

  • We have upped our marketing game so you will now be getting daily post on Facebook and Instagram as well as weekly post on YouTube. 


  • The Lil Lilac Scrapbook has done us an incredible review on our Mystery Bundle subscription.


We have released a new item in our A what in a box! It is called A Leaf in a box! Why? So you can send it to someone as a harmless fun prank to get them confused but to also put a smile on their face at the same time.